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JS Addons Pack

JomSocial Addons Pack consists of four products which are capable of energizing your experience with JomSocial component for Joomla!

With the purchase of this addons pack, you get the above four products as a whole and you can install them according to your requirements to enhance the functionality of JomSocial. 

Those four products are:

  1. JomSocial Profile Types (JSPT): It extends JomSocial with Multiple Profile Types functionality. Through which User can be categorized into Types called ProfileTypes.

  2. JoomlaXi User Search (XIUS)XiUS is a combination of Component, Plug-ins and Module. XiUS is flexible enough to make any information of user search-able.

  3. JomSocial User Import Export (IMPEXP): This plug-in is used to Import and Export Joomla and JomSocial fields from and to the CSV format.

  4. JomSocial Profile Completeness (JSPC)The JoomlaXi's Profile Completeness (JSPC) is going to be a killer feature for your JomSocial based website. This addon show the user's profile completeness on their profile page and also guide users to complete their profile accurately.

You can also purchase the above four products separately and use them accordingly.

“Joomlaxi Import Export (IMPEXP) is a very flexible extension, allowing you to map fields in a csv file to Joomla/Jomsocial fields and import the data, no matter what order you have them in your file. The support from this company is outstanding! I had a deadline to meet and a large file of user data, and I couldn't import it due to permission problems on my server. The support rep (Garima) fixed my file errors and imported the data for me! She also worked closely with me to figure out why I couldn't make it work on my side. I highly recommend this extension and give the support team the highest rating!”


“A review from a developers point of view:
Joomlaxi User Search (XIUS) is a very well written and to the point extension. It does exactly what it says it does and above all it is very extensible (if you read through the code) and above all it's templates are easily overridden. One star subtracted because of the terrible use of English and the lack of any meaningful documentation whatsoever.”


“JomSocial Profile Completeness (JSPC) is a nicely polished app. There are free ones for similar capability, but this one is more mature and polished than the free ones. It's easy for members to ignore filling in their profiles, but every admin knows complete profiles are needed for a healthy community. JSPC is a good tool for an admin to build a community.”


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