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JoomlaXi Captcha

The Problem : If you want to prevent automated postings to blogs or forums, to stop poll spamming on you website and want to protect the information stored in on-line banking sites, etc.

JoomlaXi Solutions : Team JoomlaXi provides a solution for this which is named as "Captcha". This component has an essential functionality to avoid lots-and lots of spams on Joomla based websites. In this product, you can define your own, a set of rules to display the Captcha on your website It is a secure ,accessible and simple to set-up plugin which can be used to provide Captcha functionality through out the Joomla website.

It can:

  • Protect website registration,login form etc.
  • Configure from Admin panel
  • Avoid hacking
  • Supports most of modules and components
  • Can be used with any type of template
  • Protect online-polls

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