JoomlaXi Import Export (IMPEXP)





JoomlaXi Import Export (IMPEXP)

The Problem : If you are using Joomla or JomSocial for a particular website and you want to copy the user details from  one website to your website, copy CSV file content in your website or vice-versa. Suppose you want to launch a new website and require user details in your Joomla and JS table from other website.

JoomlaXi Solution : The most prolific solution to above problem is our product Import Export JS Plug-in which is now a very well recognized and robust add-on for Joomla and JomSocial. This plug-in is used to Import and Export Joomla and JomSocial fields from and to the CSV format.


Import Fields from CSV

Imports user's required Profile fields from CSV file as well as Joomla table contents which is mandatory.


Export in CSV file

Exports all Joomla, JomSocial user table and JS profile field values of user in CSV file.


Password Protection

Password is exported in encrypted format, Imported in both encrypted and plain format.



Provides mapping of JS fields according to site requirement with optional UserId mapping. Support multiple format of CSV file.


Follow User table rule

Mandatory fields of Joomla user table are always required, duplicate username can not be created.


No Loss in Overwrite Data

It provide data overwritten option. But, Replaced content is saved in another file to protect all of your contents.

“IMPEXP is a very flexible extension, allowing you to map fields in a csv file to Joomla/Jomsocial fields and import the data, no matter what order you have them in your file. The support from this company is outstanding! I had a deadline to meet and a large file of user data, and I couldn't import it due to permission problems on my server. The support rep (Garima) fixed my file errors and imported the data for me! She also worked closely with me to figure out why I couldn't make it work on my side. I highly recommend this extension and give the support team the highest rating!”


“This is one of its kind extension and the awesome support from the great joomlaxi team makes it even better. I used it on my site. Support provided by this team is unprecedented. Buying any extension from this team can never go wrong. It is worth every penny. Thanks for all your extensions and support. Highly recommended. A+++++++


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