JS Profile Completeness (JSPC)





JS Profile Completeness (JSPC)

The Problem : If you use JomSocial for a website and want to regulate how much profile of user is complete and want to guide the users about certain very important information missing in their profile.

JoomlaXi Solution : The JoomlaXi's Profile Completeness (JSPC) is going to be a killer feature for your JomSocial based website. This addon show the user's profile completeness on their profile page and also guide users to complete their profile accurately.Through this you can motivate your user's to complete their profile and help them look their profile more attractive.

What feature are supported for completeness :
  • Custom Profile Fields
  • Custom avatar
  • Groups Joined and Owned
  • Photo and Album Owned
  • Video added
  • These rules can be applicable as per Profile Types(Integrated to JSPT).
  • These rules can also be applicable as per JomSocial Multi-Profiles.

The JSPC helps you to show user's Profile Completeness on their profile page. The look can be customized from configuration.

“This is a nicely polished app. There are free ones for similar capability, but this one is more mature and polished than the free ones. It's easy for members to ignore filling in their profiles, but every admin knows complete profiles are needed for a healthy community. JSPC is a good tool for an admin to build a community.”


“This component really helps with the process of getting people involved in a joomla site. It's very customisable in terms of the type of reminders it provides or does not provide depending on how much a person has completed their profile. Reminders can be turned of after a certain percentage of a profile is completed and the profile fields used are also completely configurable. On its own its very good. But with Jomsocial Profile Types it forms a very good combination for a business or organisational site.”


“Really nice expanding of your website. Does all it promisses, works fine. Needed a litlle help with installing (something wrong on my own server) and got it right away and they fixed all immediately. Very god investment for this low-price comp.”


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