JomSocial Profile Types (JSPT)





JomSocial Profile Types (JSPT)

The Problem : If you use JomSocial for a particular website and you want to categorize your users into groups and manage their profiles separately. Suppose you have a school website and you like to group students, teachers and other staff and want to have different types of profiles for them. But you see the fields used in the teacher's profile are going to be different from the fields in the student's profiles.So what you require is something that can create unlimited profile types in your website with varied fields because the fields in one profile need not be meaningful for other user types.

JoomlaXi Solution : The most prolific solution to above problem is our product JSPT which is now a very well recognized and robust extension for JomSocial. It extends JomSocialwith Multiple Profile Types functionality. Through which User can be categorized into Types called ProfileTypes.

Note: JSPT Profiletype and JomSocial Multi Profiles can not work simultaneously.

Access Control Layer

Acl rules for JomSocial, restrict the features JomSocial as per user's ProfileType.

Admin Approval

Admin Approval feature Allows Admin to select which Profile Type needs Admin confirmation.

Watermark Generation

Display text as watermark and configure its position,font,size and colors of watermark.

AEC Integration

Paid Subscription can be implemented using AEC, JSPT blends very well with AEC.

PayPlans Integration

Paid Subscription can also be implemented using PayPlans, JSPT is also integrated with PlayPlans.

Privacy on Modules

XiPT Conditional Module can control all Joomla Modules as per ProfileType.

Profile Fields Control

You can easily Control Profile fields by setting properties of each according to ProfileTypes.

Control JomSocial Toolbar

You can easily Control JS Toolbar. Admin can hide JomSocial Menus according to Profiletypes.

Application Control

Applications can be viewed according to Owner, Visitor and Both.

Registration Support

This Feature provides that Profile Types are integrated with both Joomla & JomSocial Registration.

InVisible Profile Type

The admin can change profile type of any user to invisible profile type from back-end.

Guest Profile Type

Admin can decide, which type of Joomla, JomSocial & JSPT Users can access Information.

Individual templates

By implementing individual templates, Each user can easily Customize their own templates.

Facebook Connectivity

JSPT Profile Type selection is integrated with Facebook

Other Features

Every ProfileType can be assigned a Default Privacy Settings, Joomla User Type, Default Avatar etc.

“component truly useful, it works very well. Very good support and after sales service.”


“I’ve been using Joomlaxi components for over 12 months with my Jomsocial sites. Their products are robust and fill some major gaps however I’d like to make special comment on their incredible support and customer service.
This recent experience just demonstrates their professional attitude towards their customers. I highly recommend these guys.”

Tee G

“This software does the job and the support is quick and excellent! Note ~ it is a little complicated and the documentation isn't the best but it does all work very well and if you get stuck, their support will save the day.”


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